• Successfully Collecting Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars In Claim Denials For Medical Providers


What We Do

THE MORRISON LAW FIRM represents healthcare providers with respect to securing payment principally with respect to hospital lien-based accounts receivable. We have the deep domain expertise in order to effectively challenge wrongful denial of insurance claims. When a carrier wrongfully denies a claim, we combine creative legal and medical opinions to present a compelling argument to support the appeal. If a carrier persists in their denial of a claim, although usually not necessary, litigation may be unavoidable. We are experienced in litigating insurance contract matters and will represent your interest throughout the litigation process. When appropriate, and with the permission of our clients, we may also pursue a recovery for bad faith denials, negligent misrepresentation and unfair claim settlement practices under the Insurance Code and damages under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Who We Are

THE MORRISON LAW FIRM is not a collection agency. We are solely focused on securing payment for healthcare accounts receivable through the filing and tracking of hospital liens, enforcement of Assignments of Benefits, and appealing stalled and/or denied healthcare claims for healthcare providers and and their patients. Our experienced attorneys and legal staff also utilize experienced insurance claims examiners and know the tactics employed by insurance carriers to delay the payment of valid claims. Given our team’s experience working for insurance carriers, they are knowledgeable of the most effective ways to appeal wrongfully denied claims.

Our Process

THE MORRISON LAW FIRM files a hospital lien with respect to any billing with respect to services provided to a patient at a healthcare facility within seventy-two (72) hours of an injury in which a third party may have liability. Importantly, a hospital lien attaches to any cause of action or claim for damages that a patient may have against a third party that may be responsible for causing their injuries. The hospital lien extends to not only the admitting hospital, but to any hospital to which the individual is transferred for treatment of the same injury. Subsequent visits for treatment of the same injury may also be included under the lien.


THE MORRISON LAW FIRM works on a pure contingency fee basis. We only get paid when our healthcare provider clients get paid. In the event we are unable to secure payment with respect to any particular account receivable, we do not charge for our legal services. The fee for our legal services is limited to percentage of the payments our clients receive with respect to hospital lien-based accounts receivable to which we have been engaged to seek recovery. The contingency fee percentage varies depending upon the nature of the payment recovery actions with respect to each account.

As trial lawyers we are fully equipped to go toe-to-toe with committed, experienced, and savvy defense lawyers that represent insurance carriers and plaintiffs in their quest to reduce or eliminate responsibility for payment for medical services provided to injured plaintiffs.

We understand that our clients operate in local markets and often a single attorney (or a small group of attorneys represent) many of the plaintiff patients that seek care at their facility. It’s our job to make certain that those attorneys are unable to systematically diminish our client’s ability to get paid and stay profitable over time.;

We serve healthcare provides as their legal counsel. We are lawyers, not collection agents. When litigation is required, we pay all the associated costs. Importantly, our legal fees are not subject to sales tax (unlike the fees paid to medial collection agencies).

As a team we are sophisticated specialists, supported by superior technology, and capable of serving healthcare providers with high volumes of medical lien-based receivable arising from multiple facilities in multiple locations.

We serve our client healthcare providers without requirement for IT changes or other changes in facility operation. Further, we carefully train our clients to enhance their ability to better identify and document treatment to patients when third party liability may be involved.

Our fundamental goal is to enhance our healthcare provider client’s ability deliver hospital lien-based services profitably.

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